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We are a compassionate community dedicated to understanding and achieving global justice through multi-media platforms, analytical research and solution-based activism.

By providing context to current events, addressing misconceptions that lead to stereotypes, and giving a voice to the voiceless, we hope to heighten human conscientiousness through analytical research, investigative journalism and the art of creative storytelling. 


Editor in Chief


“You and I, we’re totally alike. We think about how to balance our lives, question incessantly, obsess over truth and falsehood, love more and trust few. We struggle daily, make mistakes, strive to be better and simply put, we just want to live successful, meaningful lives. 

And that’s why you’re in the right place. Because in order for us to save the world, we need to take baby steps. We need to figure out who we are and what our place is in the world. We need to be honest, judgment free and fearless. Fearless to talk about literally everything. Even the things people sweep under the rug. 

So tag along on our journey as we fearlessly pursue a dream; a world filled with love, justice and peace. Who’s to say a dream can’t be a reality?

Zainab is an author, writer and graduate student of Journalism and International Security. With a background in Political Science and Homeland Security, her accolades include awards in International Relations, US Government and National Security.


Current Affairs Writer


“We are hurtling towards a state of affairs under which certain ideas are labeled as “unfit for discussion” simply because someone deems them inappropriate. This atmosphere of political correctness is stifling our ability to engage in meaningful discourse. Furthermore, it is limiting our ability to fight back against ever increasing governmental encroachment on our civil liberties. I do not quell at ad hominem labels like racist, misogynist, or Islamophobe. Reality is not racist and as long as I am backed up by facts, I will say what needs to be said.”

Hadi is an experienced writer who enjoys discussing the importance of individual liberties and freedoms especially free speech. An ardent skeptic, Hadi has a propensity for questioning anything and everything that is presented to him leading to a rejection of all forms of authoritarianism whether they spring from government, religion or political ideology. He plans to attend Harvard Law School and ultimately become a justice on the US Supreme Court.


Comic Colorist


“I am a professional graphic designer who finds passion in creating extraordinary visuals for my clients. Overall, my aim is to extract imagery from the mind and place it in the tangible space around us. I believe, in today’s world, justice takes a back seat in order to cater to greed. Zainab Rights works hard to show the truth which is why I support them.”


Copy Editor


“With the rise of globalization, American domestic policy has increasingly influenced affairs in the wider international arena; we are now more connected than ever before.

Together, we will explore the colourful tapestry of people, places, and events that make up modern-day American politics in a holistic and global context. The good, the bad, and the ugly will be laid bare in the hope of creating a narrative that both expands horizons and breaks down walls.

Keith is currently double-majoring in Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) Studies and International Relations with a minor in French. He has a passion for social justice and human rights, and he works every day to make tomorrow better than yesterday.


Current Affairs Writer



Comic Strip Writer


“In this age of all-encompassing media and rampant injustice in every corner, I stand here feeling as many of you have felt at some point in your life: small.

Small in the face of war and the seemingly unattainable goal of peace. Small in the wake of traumatic events with no justification. Small in the world itself, surrounded by billions of unfamiliar places and faces. And simply for that reason, I write.

I hope that I can share some words with you, and you can exchange some with me, and together we can feel just a little bigger than before.”

Zoya aspires to continue her work as a journalist and work in the non-profit sector helping make a positive difference wherever she can.




“There is a lot to be said about art’s potential for peacebuilding.

From the anti-war sentiment of Picasso’s Guernica, to the unifying hymns of the Civil Rights movement and the speeches for nonviolence by King and Gandhi, art has become a medium for bringing about harmony.

Today’s violence and chaos now call for similar movements, similar leaders, similar artists to be born in each of us; for individuals to collectively put together the puzzle of peace.

That is what I hope to accomplish by making films: to give the world a glimpse of a promising future. 

My name is Mehdi. And I hope that somewhere, within someone, our films—our art—will inspire change.”


Writer "Heroes of Justice"


“Khalil Gibran famously said ‘you talk when you cease to be at peace with your thoughts’. Like many people, the declining state of our world has suppressed my sense of contentment. That is why I write. The injustice, oppression and inequality plaguing our societies has left us no option, but to talk, write and expose the oppressors for who they are, and stand with the oppressed. Through words, we have hope. Through words, we can allow the voiceless to have a voice. Through words, we can continue the human legacy of resistance, unity and justice.”

Kinza is a freelance writer and student from Melbourne, Australia, pursuing a double major in International Politics and Media Communication at The University of Melbourne.


Humanitarian Campaign Creator


“It is words coupled with action that incite change, because for every action there is a reaction. I think words have the power to shape the mind while our actions have the ability to influence behavior of others as well as ourselves. With influence comes change. With change comes power in the hands of the people. While words stir emotions, acting upon those words creates the backdrop for any cause. Humanitarian efforts are the root cause of action that will move us towards a world with peaceful dialogue and united discourse.”

Alleh is an avid reader, writer and occasional painter. She has previously worked with Odyssey Online and is intending to go to college this fall as an English major.


Lead Inspiring Producer












Newsletter Editor




Zrambassador Assitant Lead


“Born in Baghdad, Iraq and raised in the United States, my heart, body and mind are constantly crushed by the injustices taking place in a beautiful region: the Middle East. What’s worse is the misinformation that many are armed with when it comes to the Middle East, especially in terms of terrorism and violence.

Whether you simply want to know the truth or get a thorough understanding of the bigger picture so that we can actually move forward rather than backwards, I want to tell you that you shouldn’t despair.

I’ll work day and night in pursuit of the truth and report it as raw as I found it.

If we can see that light at the end of the tunnel, then it must be there. All we have to do is look for it.

Soura majored in International Relations with minors in Religious Studies, Mediterranean Studies, Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies and Non Profit Management. She has interned as a journalist in Today’s Zaman in Istanbul, Turkey and was an English teacher in Ankara.


Current Affairs Writer


Jack is a freelance writer who has a passion for International Affairs, American & Middle Eastern politics, human rights, and travel.


Graphic Designer


“I believe that as human beings; we are wired with a lot of curiosity. I am curious about a lot of things, one of being how the system of the world would be if each of us brought to the table the skills and progressive thoughts that we possess, putting humanity at the forefront. Because on a basic level, that is what justice means to me; being human.

In the world we live in today, systems have been created that challenge this very conception of humanity and in turn serves the needs of a few at the expense of the rest. We each carry a sense of personal responsibility on our backs which can be exercised through true awareness and self-actualisation.

Putting together what I do and ache for has enabled me to contribute towards what I wish existed and it stands within my belief to join hands with those that are aching to do the same.”

Qudsiyah is a a self-taught designer, doodler, lover of stories and a creative entrepreneur of two growing businesses that hope to inspire growth, better learning, wisdom and creativity.


Never Forgotten Writer


“Born and raised for the first half of my childhood in Cairo, Egypt to an Egyptian father and a Korean mother, I have always been exposed to a multitude of cultures and people through stories that my parents tell me of their homelands. I have had the opportunity learn a great deal about different kinds of people and ways of life through storytelling that my parents have instilled in me throughout my childhood.

I believe that every person is a living story. Each one of us carries within us dark and delightful anecdotes and adventures that have made us who we are and have furthered our thought processes.

I remain curious and determined to discover as much about our human race through getting to know the stories of others. I hope to deliver positive and uplifting stories about people from around the globe so that we can understand each other better.”

Reem is an avid writer who has also written for her school’s newspaper. As a full-time university student with a major in International Affairs, she hopes to further her breadth of writing and journalism.




“In my short sixteen years of life, I’ve had the opportunity to live in four different parts of the world! I’ve camel-backed through the great desert of Dubai; shopped till I dropped in the bustling, lit up NYC; pet some lions down in Tanzania; and now I’m here, appreciating the beautiful and sunny Orlando. Having lived in such different environments and surrounded by such a vast array of people, I realized that all the information they get about the world in it’s current situation is so different. They all have varying opinions, and this is because of biased news reports. people just blindly believing what the news has to say. That’s what intrigued me in joining Zainab Rights as the event planner, so I can plan events to further our message for truth, justice and peace around the world. With the experience I get from this organization, I hope to go to university and pursue a degree in political science and debate.”




“We as humans are hardwired for justice. Our evolutionary biology requires that our bodies fight for survival. This is made possible through the production of several neurochemicals including oxytocin, “the bonding molecule,” and serotonin, “the confidence molecule.” The presence of oxytocin results in our nature to yearn for human interaction and the overall comfort of humanity. Serotonin, on the other hand, is what allows us to find confidence and self esteem within ourselves, giving you and I a burning desire to speak out and stand for what we believe in. And just like that, humans are scientifically manufactured for greatness. But greatness can only be achieved when there is justice.”

Mubashir is currently pursuing a degree in dental surgery with which he hopes to conduct dental camps and provide services to individuals living in destitution. He hopes to give a voice to those who otherwise don’t have one and through his work and love for children, make the world a better and more peaceful place.


Voices Writer


“I am in my final semester of undergrad at Texas State University majoring in Economics. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area a few miles south of University of California Berkeley, renowned for its left leaning politics. I was in college when the Occupy Wall Street protests broke out and had a chance to visit Frank Ogawa Plaza during the height of Occupy Oakland. I truly believe that it is moral obligation of all able bodied individuals to stand up for Justice for their fellow man and to challenge injustice to the best of their ability. I hope to use this opportunity at Zainab Rights to advocate in behalf of all oppressed and suppressed people around the world.”

“An Unjust Law is no Law at all” – Saint Augustine of Hippo


Animated Video Script Writer


“I am a long standing activist on issues in the Arabian Peninsula. I have spent the last year and a half lobbying the US Senate, House of Representatives, the US State Department and others concerning the war in Yemen.”


Comic Artist


“I studied art foundation at Chelsea College and Mathematics at Imperial College, UK. I have always believed that it is our duty to do what we can to uphold justice and with my love for drawing, I am excited to use my passion for a higher purpose.”




“In the simplest of terms, justice to me means fighting for the rights of every individual, fighting to ensure that everyone has an equal chance at life. As a student majoring in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations and Criminology, and gaining valuable experience at my company Taz Photography, I aspire to advocate for human rights and bring light to our world, even in the midst of all this darkness.”




“”Do not fail to speak out against injustice, even if it is against yourself” Mohammed Ibn Abdullah pbuh

These are the words that echo through my mind as I see the state of the world today, where the greed of a few has cost the lives of millions of innocent men, women and children. Zainab Rights gives a voice to the voiceless and allows me to be the instrument of change I would like to see in the world.”


Youtube Marketer


“I have been creating video solutions for a range of business and personal requirements for roughly seven years now, and very much enjoy the power of conveying information through the use of graphic design and video production. Whether that be training, product reviews, TV commercials, or just holiday videos; I’ve done them all.

Justice and peace in the world is important to me because I honestly believe we will not thrive as a species until we move towards a better, kinder, more inclusive society, with a view towards healing ourselves, our environment, and just respecting life more than we do. I feel our true nature is to be care takers for the planet, rather than just takers.

There are signs that we are beginning to awaken a bit to our ethical, and global responsibilities, and through Zainab Rights, I hope to contribute to the movement in my own small way, through highlighting injustices, and allowing our people to think a bit more critically, and make better, more informed choices, for the betterment of humankind, and the world at large.”


Animated Video Producer


“Peace is not an achievement, it’s a responsibility,” and I truly believe this. No matter where you are from, in today’s world we are all connected in some way and are also influenced by each other. If we want justice and peace, then we all have to contribute to it.
And we have to be fearless when we do so.”

Utpal is owner and creative director of “The Creators Animation Studio”. He majored in Computer Applications, Fine Art(Painting and drawing) and Animation. He loves to design, visualize, and create anything you can think of in 2D and 3D. Utpal has years of experience in creating both loose design work for pre-production, and detailed work for production.

Current Affairs Writer


“What’s good, my name is Kavana. I like to sleep, engage in dialogue and eat. In no particular order. I am really passionate about assisting in bringing about justice and peace because it’s clearly greatly needed and if not I then who? I believe in leading by example and in order to inspire change and revolution you have to embody it. Storytelling is one way to do that; it allows for people to share different insights, perspectives and lived experiences. It helps us understand our reality and through that understanding , I believe, lies the road to justice and peace.”


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