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National News

  • Hate Crime Against a Black Student at the University of Maryland

Richard Collins III was waiting at an on campus bus stop with his two friends where he was stabbed by Sean Christopher Urbanski on Saturday. Richard was about to graduate Bowie State University  Tuesday and was commissioned to join U.S. Army ad a lieutenant. The FBI has characterized this as a hate crime against blacks and people have even called this out as a lynching.

  • Portland, Oregon Stabbing

After two Muslim women were being verbally abused, three men came to their aid and were stabbed on the MAX train in Portland, Oregon. Their attacker slit their throats leaving Taliesen Myrddin Namkai Meche and Ricky John Best to die, while Micah Fletcher remains seriously injured. The FBI has stated this as a hate crime while the police continue investigation and deliver justice to the victims.

  • C. Beating and Protest Against Turkish Ambassador

With the arrival of Turkish President, Erdogan in Washington marked a 22 minute press conference with President Trump and a protest outside his residency of Kurdish-Americans. His security guards are said to have attacked the demonstrators resulting in nine wounded. Through video footage, it can be heard someone giving the order to attack the protesters.


International News

  • Coptic Christians Killed in Open Fire

Minya, Egypt saw 28 people killed and about 24 injured in open fire on two buses and a truck carrying Coptic Christians. Eight to ten gunmen are reported to have dressed in military uniforms before approaching the vehicles. The attack was carried out on May 23, and there was no claim of responsibility for the shooting. Pope Francis expressed his solidarity as well as Grand Imam of al-Azhar Ahmad al-Tayeb who said, “I call on Egyptians to unite in the face of this brutal terrorism.”

  • Palestinian Prisoners Suspend Hunger Strike

After forty one days, the Palestinian prisoners have achieved humanitarian rights and have forgone their hunger strike, in which they only ate salt and drank water. After twenty hours of negotiations with the Israeli Prison Force, they have gained their humanitarian demands. About 1800 prisoners declared the hunger strike which concluded May 27. While the details of the negotiations have not been released, some of the rights the prisoners have gained include family visits, entry of private physicians to treat the ill, installation of a public telephone and better clothing among others.

  • Trainee Pilot Arrested on Account of Being Linked to Manchester Bombing

22 people were killed during the Manchester bombing during an Ariana Grande concert. Nearly 100 people were injured due to the attack and police are still investigating the matter.

So far, sixteen people have been suspected to be linked to the bombing and have been arrested, including Shoreham Airfield, a trainee pilot, who is said to be “jovial” and a “very nice bloke.” The police have been investigating the network behind Salman Abedi, who was the Manchester suicide bomber.

  • Turkey Calls for US Ambassador after D.C. Beating

After the D.C. press conference in which protesters were attacked by Erdogan’s bodyguards, Turkey called for U.S. ambassador, John Bass  to Ankara where he received a  ‘written and verbal’ protest against the treatment of Turkish security personnel in the U.S. Senator John Mcain meanwhile called for the removal of the Turkish ambassador and tweeted, “Turkish security guards’ attack on peaceful protesters this wk was a despicable display of thuggery & repression – absolutely unacceptable.”

  • At least 27 killed in ISIS bombings in Baghdad

Two ISIS car bombs detonated outside an ice cream parlor in Karrada district and the other on a busy bridge in the Shawaka district, many families were torn asunder as these vile monsters took the lives of mothers, fathers and little children as families spent time together after breaking their fasts for Ramadhan. Many see this as a last consorted effort by ISIS as it greatly sees a diminish in power from both Syria and Iraq.

  • At least 80 killed, 350 wounded in Kabul, Afghanistan

The attack happened close to the fortified entrance to the German embassy, on a busy road filled with traffic. A car bomb was used to detonate the explosives concealed in a water tanker. Neither ISIS nor the Taliban have claimed the attack, but this is still a developing story as the attack happened today (Wednesday).

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