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  1. Saudi Missile Attack on Houthi Marib province of Yemen kills dozens in Mosque

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Saudi Missile Attack on Houthi Marib province of Yemen kills dozens in Mosque  22 pro-government forces were attacked by Houthis in Yemen. The attack was conducted during Friday prayers at a mosque. This was done inside the Kofel Military camp in Marib.

  1. The Pentagon is looking to administer American help to Saudi led coalition

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The Pentagon is looking to administer American help to Saudi led coalition in Yemen to counter Iran and Islamic State. They are looking to counter Iran’s influence out of Yemen, however, experts and officials say this can cause an “array of risks.” Other experts also have argued that Iran has not had a hand in influencing Yemen or assisting the Houthis, and this is a front for waging war against a country that poses a threat to US power. The Trump administration has yet to make a decision. The Pentagon has been backing twenty air raids in Yemen so far to strike Al- Qaeda without estimating the number of casualties.

  1. US admits to striking Syrian Civilians reportedly killing forty six people in a mosque

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The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that forty six people were killed in a mosque airstrike led by the US against an Al-Qaeda meeting. The spokesman for US Central Command even said, “we did not target the mosque, but the building that we did target … is about 50 ft from the mosque.” The US coalition has been bombing Syria and Iraq since 2014 to fight terror, but reports that causality levels are record high – three mass causalities occurred just last week which makes March, 2017 the most deadly month for civilians in Syria and Iraq.

  1. 200 civilians have been killed in Mosul by a US led airstrike and is reported to be the highest civilian death toll from an airstrike in modern warfare.

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200 dead in Mosul by US led airstrike that was intended to target ISIS but killed civilians instead. Reported to be the highest civilian death toll from an airstrike in modern warfare.

On west Mosul, Iraq the Pentagon reported that the US launched an airstrike said to have killed 200. The coalition intended to attack the Islamic State, but are now undergoing a complete Civilian Casualty Credibility Assessment in light of the recent airstrike.

  1. Muslims condemn London attack and raise over 17,000 euros to support those affected

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Ahlulbayt TV publicly denounced the ISIS perpetrated terror attack on London. The attack, said to have been conducted by Khalid Masood was condemned by Sheikh Mohammad al-Hili on Ahlulbayt TV. He continued to say that “it is important for people to come together … to stand together to condemn terrorism.” The attack on Westminster Bridge killed four people when Masood hit two people with a car and stabbed  police officer, Keith Palmer when he attempted to run inside Parliament. He was then subsequently shot and killed by police. A third person, who was also hit died the next day. Muddassar Ahmed initiated a crowdfunding campaign in London to help the families after he was a witness to the event. He along with Muslims United in London group raised over 17 thousand euros (about 18,431.83 dollars) in one day.



1. Hawaii is taking the Muslim ban 2.0 into court as of March 6 2017

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A judge blocked Trump’s Muslim ban 2.0 on Wednesday, March 8. The restraining order was issued by Federal Judge Watson of Hawaii and prevents Mr. Trump from not issuing visas to the six countries banned under the revised ban. This allows Muslims from Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Iran, Syria and Yemen to enter the United States within a 120 day period. Judge Watson stated, “The notion that one can demonstrate animus toward any group of people only by targeting all of them at once is fundamentally flawed.”

2. Fearless Girl Statue sparks controversy as Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney and Mayor Blasio of New York are in favor of keeping Fearless Girl statue whilst others argue that it is a corporate advertisement.

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Congresswoman, Carolyn Maloney, who recently introduced the  Gender Diversity in Corporate Leadership Act and is now calling for the Fearless Girl statue to be permanently displayed on Wall Street among 24,000 people in the city, who have signed a petition to allow her to stay. While others claim this to be a “corporate ad”, and the Charging Bull statue artist (which the Fearless girl faces) also objects, saying it is an “advertising trick,” others take action to keep the statue permanently as a symbol of feminism.

3.  Huge setback in Trump’s Healthcare Bill due to minimum of 215 Republican votes not given.

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Health Care bill would have cut Medicaid, provide lower tax credits than Obamacare and blocks payment to Planned Parenthood for a year. The Health Care bill would have also repealed and replaced the Affordable Care Act, but now Mr. Trump states, “I never said repeal it and replace it within 64 days. I have a long time.”

4. Iraqi Family Reunited After Trump’s Travel Ban 2.0

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Mohammed Alqalos , a Jordan – Iraqi was granted refugee status in 2012. He went back to Jordan to visit family and married his now wife. Wanting to live with his wife, Kholoud and their baby girl in America, Mohommad petitioned to have her live with him. But after the original Travel Ban was enacted, they along with many other Iraqi couples were denied.  The US Embassy told her that she can come but her baby, being Iraqi cannot. This led Mohammed to be the main plaintiff in a lawsuit against the Travel ban. It was the revised Travel Ban, which excluded Iraq from its list, gave their child permission to live in America and be reunited with her father. He greeted his wife on Thursday with roses at O’Hare airport.


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