Headlines: May 1- May 21

National News

  1. Health Care Bill Goes Through House of Representatives

The new Health Care Bill as per Trump’s orders has been approved by the House of Representatives and is moving to the Senate floor. The bill’s opponents point out how female rape victims as well as those with preexisting health issues such as postpartum depression are at risk to get little to no health care, causing insururs to charge more. This, as opponents argue was prior to the Affordable Care Act. Also dubbed as “Obamacare” have the goal of making healthcare available to the masses and allowed people with preexisting conditions be covered by insurance plans.

  1. New programs to Break Through student loan

Fannie Mae, a homeowner loan company has implemented new programs as of late April to combat new homeowners that are saddled with student loans. While student loans do tend to make purchasing a home that much more difficult, Fannie Mae has lower mortgage rates that can decrease student debt. One such program is the “cashing out” component that can allow homeowners to refinance their existing mortgage to that uses equity to pay off student loans at a lower interest rate.

  1. One Man Gives Free Haircuts to the Less Fortunate

Once a drug addict himself, Nasir Sobhani works at a barber shop on his days off, he skateboards around the city of Melbourne, Australia giving free haircuts to the less fortunate. He says it is a way for him to heal himself. Also known as the “Street Barber,” he continues to listen to the stories of homeless men and women and offer them hope for a new start.

  1. Hairdressers Training for Abuse

Passed in August of last year in the state of Illinois, a law allows hairdressers to be trained to notice signs for abuse and assault. . The law requires hairdressers to take an hour long class every two years to understand the signs of abuse and assault that they can then use to detect emotional and physical signs. They are also be provided with hotline numbers and other resources that can help their client should the need arise.  This bill has been said to be later  expanded to nail salons and other cosmetology salons as well. The bill was inspired by the camaraderie in hair salons and Senator  Bill Cunningham, a key sponsor of the amendment said that whilst in salons, “Women find that an opportune time to unburden themselves.”

  1. Officer that killed Jordan Edwards is Charged with Murder in Texas

Roy Oliver, the policeman who shot Jordan Edwards, a black teenager after he was leaving a house party in Balch Springs, Texas. The officer initially reported that a car full of teenagers were driving away from police. Later, he amended his statement to say that the teenager behind the wheel backed down but fled when the officer opened fire. A judge issued an arrest warrant on Saturday, May 5 and charged Oliver with murder. Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson  said she was saddened by the shooting along with other politicians as well.


International News:

  1. Syrians Are Beginning to Sell Body Organs to Stay Alive

The United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking says that trade in organs around the world as “an organized crime involving a host of offenders” Syrian refugees pouring into Lebanon from war torn Syria are resulting to selling their body organs in order to gain some monetary profit. Profits can range up to $10,000 however, not all people received it.

  1. Saudi Arabia on UN Women’s Committee

While critics say that Saudi does not deserve to be on the UN Women’s Committee due to their violation of women’s rights in their country, Helen Clark, former administrator of the UN Development Programme and prime minister of New Zealand, said in response to news of the election of the Saudis to the commission: “It’s important to support those in the country who are working for change for women. Things are changing, but slowly.”

  1. ISIS Fighters Attacked Israel – and Apologized

In the Golan Heights region of Israel, ISIS issued an attack on Israeli forces last November for which, Former Defense Minister of Israel,Moshe Ya’alon says “There was one case recently where Daesh opened fire and apologised.” A spokesperson refused to acknowledge how the apology was received, however, and while it is illegal to communicate with terrorists in Israel,  Israel Former Director has stated that they would help wounded Al Qaeda members (as several accounts have reported) while they will not treat Hezbollah fighters because they have a different “account” with Israel.

  1. Report released shows that FBI Investigator married an ISIS terrorist

FBI German translator, Daniela Greene  married an ISIS member in 2014 when on an investigation in Syria. CNN reported this month the investigation of Greene yet they leave out key details of her case. Denis Cuspert, a former German rapper later turned ISIS terrorist after a near fatal car accident. Greene realized the mistake she made and rushed back to America, only to be in jail for two years and having been released last summer. She kept correspondence with an outside member while in Syria. Her face has been blurred from all images to keep her location and whereabouts unknown.

  1. UN Officially Declares Yemen is in Famine  

According to the United Nations World Food Programme, there are parts of Yemen now in famine because the statistics have been met. Currently, two out of three Yemeni people do not know when their next meal is coming from and every ten minutes, a child dies from malnutrition.

  1. ISIS kills more than 52 in Syria, wounds over 120

Most of them being women and children, and many left beheaded, ISIS conducted a brutal attack targeting the Syrian government controlled Hama province, where most of its residents practice the Shia faith. The coroner of the hospital reported that whilst majority of the men had died from shelling and gun fire, the children had been tortured and dismembered, as well as beaten with bricks or stones. Two were so severely dismembered that their limbs were carried in blankets. Dozens are also reported missing and are thought to be kidnapped by the terrorist group. This incident has not been largely covered in media, showing that the public is kept in the dark about the terrorism the Syrian government deals with on a constant basis many of which we have aided and abetted for our interests.

  1. 2 dead in Saudi Town Clash

After six days of clashes between security forces of Saudi Arabian town Awamiyah and Shia militants, the home of Shia cleric Nimr al Nimr who was executed   unjustly last year, leading to many demonstrations around the world. Among the dead was a two year old boy, and many more are reported dead and wounded but the Saudi government does not confirm the exact numbers. This comes after just last month when the UN accused Saudi Arabia for attempting to forcibly remove residents from Almosara without offering adequate resettlement options, and similarly was the cause of outrage at Awamiyah as told by many of its residents.


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