Grenfell’s Grief: Was it Avoidable?

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In the dawn of June 14th, 2017, a London apartment fire turned into a deadly blaze that caused the death of over 80 individuals. The Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organization is facing multiple allegations of negligence due to increasing evidence from the past decade. Various reports list fire hazards such as untested and condemned fire extinguishers, the emergency lighting system being dead, a lack of escape routes, and the flammability of the building’s exterior cladding, among others things. State officials have stated that they may not receive an official body count for several months, but things could’ve been much worse if not for the 20+ hours firefighters spent controlling the blaze. In addition, many tenants only escaped the building because of the warnings given by a few young Muslims who were awake whilst observing night prayers for Ramadan. A national inquiry into the blaze and the management’s negligence will most likely begin in September and will last for years.


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