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Zainab Rights officially launched in August this year, and in five short months, produced 130 pieces of original content with shows and articles, expanded our community to six hundred active readers and got nominated for a prestigious award for Excellence in Journalism (which we are hoping to win in January!). We have successfully confirmed the theory that when passionate individuals work together for the greater good, nothing is impossible! Thank you team for a wonderful five months, with learning curves, growing pains and most importantly, a brighter, limitless future. It’s only upward from here!

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Zainab Rights’ investigative, independent journalism produces content that reconciles a variety of sources to give the most impartial and holistic picture. Our work is time consuming, costly and takes a long time to create. As students with limited resources, you can see why we need your help.

If our readers like our work and help support us, we will be able to continue the work at a much faster, better and deeper level.

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