#DriveaWayHunger Campaign

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A campaign that can be done in your own Drive Ways, to Drive Away Hunger! 

How to Participate in the #DriveaWayHunger Campaign, designed for homes, driveways and parks! 

  1. Sign up for an event hosted by Hunger Van or designed by Hunger Van (click on Zainab Rights DriveaWayHunger Campaign) here: http://bit.ly/2sMIL8B 
  2. Find a driveway, backyard or park to host your event
  3. Gather 6-10 friends, neighbors or family to help prepare meals
  4. Volunteer to make 75-100 meals through a customized program with Hunger Van
  5. Take pictures and send them here to info@zainabrights.com to inspire others to participate, and share that picture on your social media with the hashtag #DriveaWayHunger
  6. Deliver packaged meals with the Hunger Van or on your own through Hunger Van’s help to feed the homeless (optional)

Campaign ends August 30


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