All Eyes on Us

Over the recent decades the United States of America has been the world’s leading military and economic superpower with a history of implementing sanctions, invasions, proxy wars, and regime changes to non-interest friendly countries around the world.

Rightly or wrongly, citizens of countries around the world have looked to the U.S. as a world leadership, hoping that somehow the freedoms and Democracy enjoyed by US citizens at home would also reach the borders of their countries.

After living overseas in the Middle East region  for more than a decade and getting to know many more people in other parts of the world on social media sites like Facebook; I came to realize our presidential  elections are followed  more  seriously  in some circles outside the country than from within by many of my fellow Americans. In fact, I have met several non-Americans who know more about America’s history and our government process and policies than the average US citizen.

US presidential elections are broadcast around the world because of the fact we are still a superpower country setting a Democratic precedence for the rest of the world’s countries. Our governmental policies often times do have an effect, both directly and indirectly, and sometimes significantly, on other countries and people.

Although only registered US citizens voted on November 8th, the outcome of these elections will have consequences on the rest of the world and its people in one way or another.

It is not always easy hearing the criticisms of foreigners concerning your country or your people, especially if you think your country is an exception to the rule.

Sometimes those living from without have seen or experienced things about our country that we are oblivious to or in denial of, therefore we should try to keep an open mind to the constructive criticisms of those living in other parts of this planet we are sharing.

I recently posed some questions on my social media to friends living in other parts of the world to gather some of their observations concerning our present US presidential elections. The responses I received were not very encouraging as most believe our election process looked more like a circus show than free bonafide Democratic elections where we are given real choices. In other worlds many believe our elections are rigged by the most powerful corporate powers.

Since witnessing this election process, a growing number of people are losing all faith in the US model of Democracy and in the American people’s freedoms. They see Americans largely as “sheeple” of a well organized corporate, banking, entertainment and military establishment which cares only about profits, not about humanity. I tried to understand what people around the world thought of our country and its future.

These were their answers:

SABEEN, (Australia)

“..I do feel the outcome of the US elections will have a domino effect upon the world where the Obama administration is stuck in a stagnant and awkward stalemate geopolitically as it is being significantly overshadowed by Russia and China. I do not believe any significant change will occur domestically in the US. These elections without being sarcastic or without poking fun has been very sensationalised and resembled a badly scripted stand- up comedy act except the aim is to succeed by causing the most controversy with mudsling being the most utilized tactic. That alone in all its immaturity and outrageous nature spells disaster in a highly polarized global environment.”
PETER EHLER (England):

“…The outcome of the US elections will have a huge impact on Europe and the Middle East. Both mainstream candidates were callously arrogant and don’t seem to care much about how many nations they destroy and how many millions die or are displaced, nor how many American youngsters they will sacrifice upon the altars of Mammon. These people, who are contending for the leadership of the world’s largest military power and economic power are concentrating on each other’s and their families history of sexual preferences, depravities, and misconducts. They should start with the US infrastructure, economy, education, job creation, internal problems (gun crime, runaway police brutality, etc) …

AMEEN (India):

“Is American democracy itself well defined or ill defined? It is becoming increasingly a relevant topic where the constitutional processes are being bypassed by the executive branch and ignored by Congress. National constitutions state that a democracy must put its military under civilian control. On paper, that is where the U.S. military but in practice it is a different story. The U.S. economy is largely influenced by military corporations, and where much of its budget is off the record, there certainly is no democracy in the control and running of the U.S. military. The world wonders whether America is a democracy or an effective plutocracy well controlled by the super rich and the Military Industrial Complex. Two rival parties on adverts but almost single party state, looks like two branches within the same party particularly as for as foreign policy goes. Both are for bombing poorer nations that disobey American policies…The politicians who voted into power invite little participation by the electorate. This is where the good concept of democracy and its erratic practice receive a hit below the belt…”

ILYAS, (Pakistan):
“..Both mainstream candidates were two sides of the same coin, I wish none of them could win, but one of them was selected — I mean selected not elected — at the end of the day…
US foreign policies are planned by the controllers of American not these selected presidents who play a symbolic role…”

We Americans are at a crucial point in our history, a point where we must gather the courage to take the road less traveled by refusing to play along with the same old “lesser of two evils” game that is eroding our freedoms and places our standing as a Democratic model for the rest of the world in question.

Beginning with educating ourselves beyond our corporate media slant and taking more of an interest in what our government is doing in our names, it is never too late to demand our rights in running our own country.

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